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Institut Geographique National do publish 1:25,000 scale maps for the whole of France but you would need as many as 50 to cover the whole trek. The RANDO Editions maps we used have scale 1:50,000 and approx 10 of these cover the whole trek, except for the portion through Spain near Arizkun. For this, we used the Spanish 'Editorial Alpina' maps scale 1:40,000. All the maps we carried added up to a fair weight, so we divided each one in order to take only the portions needed; they were posted home after traverse of the region covered.

The original French RANDO series are numbered 1-11, cover some of the HRP, but favour the GR10. The later Spanish contribution to the RANDO series comprise Numbers 20-25, favoring the GR11, and overlapping the French series. Choice for the HRP thus draws from both groups.

Reference HRP trek guide in french
The author of the HRP guidebooks is Georges Véron, the man who created the route itself. The 12th edition of this work is
   'Haute Randonèe Pyrènèene
   Publisher: RANDO èditions, 2003

This has not been translated from the French, and though the publishers state an interest in doing so, there is no firm schedule.
This guidebook presents daily stage extracts from the Rando Editions 1:50,000 topographical maps, with track of the HRP marked clearly.

HRP trek guide in english
Released March 2007, this is an English language guide for the HRP written by Ton Joosten.
   'Pyrenean Haute Route: the High Level Route'
   Publisher: Cicerone Press, 2007

NB. Regardless of given 'english' names for this route, it remains the HRP in France, and on all map references.  Preview with Google Books.

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